Wapda House Pink Ribbon Illumination
Corporate Event: Wapda House Illuminated Pink

Pink Ribbon believes in building partnerships & collaborations with corporates having a particular focus on the cause of Breast Cancer and especially in setting up Pakistan’s first dedicated Breast Cancer Hospital. We truly acknowledge each partner of Pink Ribbon and ensure every partnership we enter into is mutually beneficial and enhances our strength to fight against breast cancer.

Benefits for your Organization

Partner with the most trusted social campaign with high levels of brand credibility and leverage media and PR opportunities. Your staff, customers and stakeholders can participate in Pakistan’s largest breast cancer awareness campaign.


How can you partner with Pink Ribbon?


You can directly donate to Pink Ribbon as part of your Annual Giving’s.

Donate building items you manufacture to support the construction of the Breast Cancer Hospital.


You can sponsor our on-going programs and nationwide campaigns.

Cause-Related Marketing

You can donate a percentage of sales of your product to Pink Ribbon on a permanent basis or for a certain time period.

Outlet Activation

If you own an outlet which can be Fashion, Jewelry, Restaurant, Café, Health Club or a Salon, you can support us through the following ways:
• Donate a percentage of sales of your product to Pink Ribbon for a certain time period
• Place a donation box at your outlets
• Sale Pink Ribbon Merchandise at your outlets

Staff Engagement

You can celebrate ‘SINK IN PINK’ day with your staff and encourage them to wear pink that day and make a donation. Engage your staff to donate their ‘ONE DAY SALARY’ to Pink Ribbon and the company can match their employees payroll giving. You can purchase Pink Ribbon Merchandise for your staff and help us raise funds through that. Please click here to view our pink products.

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