Use of Honey as Breast Cancer Prevention AgentBreast Cancer Awareness

Use of Honey as Breast Cancer Prevention Agent

Breast cancer is rising with an alarming ratio among women all around the world as well as in Pakistan. Prevention and treatment by using chemicals, radiotherapies, and surgeries have been in common for years. For the prevention of cancer, several potential agents play an important role like vitamins, minerals, nutrients, carbohydrates, proteins and fiber. Honey…

Breast Cancer Awareness

Herbs that can prevent breast cancer

For centuries, herbs and plants have been used for medicinal purposes and as food as well. Many herbs and plants retain the properties of immune-stimulating and anti-tumor. Different types of herbs contain a variety of phytochemicals which stops the cancerous cell from multiplying and also stimulate the protective enzymes within the body. Coneflower, Garlic, Turmeric,…

Food prevent Breast CancerPrevention

Healthy Diet can prevent Breast Cancer

In our previous article, we informed you that breast cancer is preventable up to 70 percent by lifestyle changes. Taking a Healthy diet, performing physical activities and living in a good environment (limiting exposure to radiations etc.) is included in lifestyle. A healthy diet can help in preventing and fighting breast cancer. Food is the…


The ultimate significance of charity

Ramazan, a month filled with blessings approaches to strengthen the faith of the entire Muslim community across the globe. It is the month that brings the Muslim Ummah closer to celebrate the gift from Almighty God. Now when we talk about the month of Ramazan being the holy gift from Allah, the significance of charity…

Pink Bra

Introducing the Pink Bra

An innovative bra that helps underprivileged women in Pakistan detect breast cancer early. Designed at Tonic International (Dubai based advertising agency) and produced in partnership with Pink Ribbon Pakistan, the Pink Bra turns the everyday action of slipping money inside the bra into a breast cancer self-examination exercise. Pakistan has the highest incidence rate of…


Zakat & Sadqa

Dear Friends of Pink Ribbon, Ramzan Mubarik! Save 110 Lives a Day with Your Zakat & Sadqa The Prophet (PBUH) said: “What benefits after death is the charity (Sadqa-e-Jariah) given out of wealth and property” – Mishkat Breast Cancer is the most common cancer in Pakistan – 247 women a day are diagnosed while 110…


Be Alert & Take Guards A Serial Killer is on the Loose

Of all the perils our women face, Breast Cancer has become the most precarious as it is claiming 40,000 lives only in Pakistan annually, not to speak of the unreported cases. Every 9th Pakistani women is at high risk of this fatal disease and, if calculated, this number soars up to 10.2 million. This is…


Be wary of the silent killer

The ‘C’ word today that is terrorising mankind irrespective of age, colour, creed or race, creeps up on its victims unannounced and uninvited, rooting itself deep, sometimes slowly and steadily, and at times, at the speed of lightening. It all starts with one body cell going rogue. Cancer is a mutation, a division of cells…


This World Cancer Day, take a step towards a healthy lifestyle

Every year on February 4, World Cancer day is marked across the globe, including in Pakistan. Observing such days is a way to remind ourselves the importance of that issue. And this issue is particularly worth remembering as cancer contributes to a major burden of diseases worldwide. Each year millions of people are diagnosed with…