pink event

Coffee Morning

Arrange a coffee morning at your office, home or some café and invite your family and friends over there. Keep the ambiance pink so that the guests can realize the cause and the purpose. Place a donation box in the center of the dining table with a note on it like “Wake Up With Coffee and Save a Woman”.

At the end of the event, send the collected donation to Pink Ribbon so that your valuable contribution can be a part of the historic lifesaving venture.



Throwing a High Tea Fundraiser is a great idea, particularly for those clubs who have members who will enjoy an afternoon of yummy nibbles, warm drinks and chat.

It involves an afternoon of fine dining with delicious treats, engaging conversation over a pot of tea and maybe a glass of bubbly or two. The ideal venue can be a residential home with garden space, at your club, or off site at a venue that is large enough and offers an atmosphere to complement the food and drink of the day.

A high tea can be held at any time of the year. If you are looking to hold it outdoors in a garden setting then the weather (hot or cold) needs to be taken into account and perhaps a backup plan organized.

Arrange a Hi-tea and invite your family and friends. Place a standee or banner of Pink Ribbon at the venue with donation appeal. Place a Pink Ribbon donation box at some prominent place and ask your guests to make donations while they are enjoying the food. Deposit the donations to Pink Ribbon account and be a patron of the greater cause.

Corporate Event

Creating a corporate event is a fast and effective way to raise funds for a charity. It doesn't have to be a ton of work either. You can organize one of the following events to raise funds for Pink Ribbon:
Charity Match: Organize a sporting event like a cricket or football match and motivate the participants and spectators to make donations.
Pamper-Yourself Event: Curate a selection of stalls offering things like luxury beauty treatments, chair massage, makeovers, wellness items, and clothing from local boutiques then ask them to donate a percentage of profits to our cause.
Balloon Pop: Fill a room with balloons, hide prizes inside a select few, and sell needles to event-goers for a chance to ``pop for prizes.`` This is a great charity idea for the whole staff to get involved in.
Trivia Evening: Host a trivia evening at a local restaurant and have the participants pay to play. For extra credit, the restaurant can donate a portion of proceeds of drinks and food sold.


Sink IN Pink

Hosting a Breast Cancer awareness session or seminar is a great idea to engage your staff and urge them to donate for Pink Ribbon Hospital. So arrange a seminar at your conference room and Pink Ribbon instructors will be there to depart crucial breast cancer information along with audiovisual presentations.

For the event, ask your staff to wear pink and make donations like “One Day Salary” for the cause.

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