“Imagine a father who loses her cherished daughter, or a husband who is robbed of his darling wife or children who have to grow up without the kind shadow of their esteemed mother.  The pain is just beyond imagination”

The Dream

Great dreams are envisioned by great people because they have the courage and capacity to move heaven and earth to accomplish what they conceive. Mr. Omer Aftab, after launching Pink Ribbon's nationwide Breast Cancer awareness drive in 2004, came across a lot of people; the patients, the survivors, the mourners, the doctors and the potential victims. He found out that Breast Cancer was curable and a patient's survival chances were 80% if the disease could be diagnosed early but the lack of quality screening and treatment services was the hindrance. This made Omer think of a dedicated Breast Cancer Hospital where the vulnerable could be screened, the patients could be treated and the survivors could be counseled to lead a happy and normal life again. He then left no stone unturned to raise funds for starting the hospital. The entire Pink Ribbon team worked hard to make the Dream become the reality.

The Foundation

After years of successful campaigning and provision of healthcare services like Mobile Mammogram Unit, there came the moment when Mr. Omer Aftab laid the foundation stone of Pakistan’s first ever dedicated Breast Cancer Hospital at Lahore. The plot for the hospital was donated by Omer himself, thus, being the first donor, the founder and the visionary, he was enthusiastic and passionate to build the building fast so that the sufferers could get relief as soon as possible. The Pink Ribbon team burned the midnight oil to raise funds to bear the heavy construction cost. They reached out the masses, the corporate gurus, the philanthropists and every other person/organization which could be helpful in their lifesaving venture.

Pink Ribbon Hospital Foundation

The Hospital

Total Cost: PKR 500 Million
Phase 1: 10,000 Sq feet Grey structure completed
Phase 2: Construction in full swing

The 500 Million hospital project was kicked off in 2017. By investing their days and nights, the Pink Ribbon team achieved the first milestone of 10,000 sq. feet grey structure, the first phase of the project in a record time of almost one year. Now, work on the second phase of the same worth is at full swing. Pink Ribbon aims to start the Outdoor Patients Department (OPD) by January 2020. Pink Ribbon Hospital will be a state-of-the-art one-stop facility for Breast Cancer diagnosis and treatment. The prime facilities of the hospital will include:


In order to diagnose breast cancer at early stages, a well-equipped One Stop Breast Care Clinic will be running under


The Hospital will provide a complete range of latest radiological imaging like Mammography Machine, MRI System, X-Ray and

Chemotherapy WARD

The hospital will provide air-conditioned indoor oncological wards along with private rooms where patients are admitted


State of the art Operation Theatre specifically designed for breast surgeries by highly experienced surgeons will be


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