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Survivor Programme

Breast Cancer Survivors play a very integral part in the journey of newly diagnosed patients.

Pink Ribbon salutes all the survivors and caregivers who devotedly and patiently walk through this difficult journey and come out as brave warriors.

At Pink Ribbon, we counsel survivors who are going through a difficult phase of transition, connect them with other survivors who are motivational influencers to help them reach to a better and peaceful state. A strong and well-knitted support system really help patients to heal quicker.

Pink Ribbon Survivor Programme creates an impact around the society and give breast cancer survivors’ space to unwind their experience. These strong women and their loved ones offer shared care to newly diagnosed patients through:

  • Social and emotional support
  • One-to-one sessions with patients as role models, and to learn how they are coping with cancer in everyday life

Counseling of patients and their families

Join our Pink Ribbon Survivor Programme

This programme is specifically for breast cancer patients, survivors and care givers who have closely witnessed and experienced this journey. Your valuable input can play a very strong part in the lives of other women.

Phone: +92 340 786 6000
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