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Youth Engagement Pink Ribbon

In social transformation, youth are the real change agents. We strongly believe that educating, capacitating and sensitizing youngsters is essential in reshaping society at large.

Pink Ribbon Pakistan, in collaboration with Higher Education Commission (HEC), has been successfully running its Youth Programme since 2012.

In our youth programme, we have educated over 1.3 million female students so far and this process is going on with full zest. Each year, in October, we run a nationwide PINKtober campaign and reach out to almost 150 educational institutes and over 200,000 young girls with different interesting activities and IEC material.

Pink Ribbon designed this Programme especially to aware and empower the youngsters, particularly girls, to minimise Breast Cancer driven female mortality in Pakistan by educating them about Breast Self-Examination and screening.

The aim of our Youth Programme is to persuade young boys and girls to learn about Breast Cancer and be the torchbearers to spread our word in society. Youth is dispersing our word widely in the society and raising funds for the Breast Cancer hospital.

Youth Engagement Pink Ribbon
United Against Breast Cancer
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